Start Date: September 15, 2013

Finish Line Date: November 15, 2013

Goal: $50,000

Wayne is competing against 21 other communities!
Only 3 will be chosen!

What supporters are saying:

"I love this idea! I’ll talk to my husband tonight and see if he is on board to help support this program. I have lived in Wayne for over 20 years and want to be part of the solution..." ~ Sandy

"I grew up in Wayne. Lots of great memories." ~ Russ B.

What is the Wayne 500?

The Wayne 500 originates in a historical moment of Wayne Pride when Ray Harroun, from Wayne won the very first Indy 500 race.

We need to raise $50,000 to fund our Michigan Main Street Program. Our hope is that there are 500 people who believe in Wayne so much and who would love to see the downtown lively and bustling that they would give just $100 toward the revitalization effort.

This $50K combined with the $10,000 pledge from the City of Wayne-Downtown Development Authority and a possible matching grant from the Wayne Rotary Club will get us to the $70,000 minimum recommended budget to be selected in the 2013 application process.

Join us in creating a vibrant downtown Wayne!

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